The Moment I Hope My Son Will Always Remember


My kids’ lives will be full of memories I hope they cherish always and those I hope they forget as quickly as I regretted them. Like the times I yelled, when I should have hugged. When I worked, instead of watched. And the ones I told them we didn’t have time for bedtime stories because I was so tired, all the energy I had went into just tucking them in. Those are the memories I regret… the ones I hope they will forget. But last night, my son came down the stairs after I had … [Continue reading...]

WIN A Family Trip to Banff And #RediscoverNature

Banff Lake Louise #CanadaWithKids

  There are three things I hope this post inspires you to do:   Plan a trip to Banff with your family. Enter for a chance to win your very own #MyBanff experience. Get outside with your kids on September 20, 2015 for #RediscoverNature Day. Here’s how… The first time my passion to travel #CanadaWithKids sparked was in Banff. Our family of 5 had ridden to the top of Sulphur Mountain on the gondola and as the kids stood in absolute amazement at the top, I knew I wanted to … [Continue reading...]

DIY Front Hall Closet Transformation


Our DIY Front Hall Closet Reno with only $200 and less than a weekend’s worth of work.

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What Is A Yurt And Why Should Moms Care?


Want to take your kids camping but have some “camping hang-ups” or don’t know where to get started? Here’s how a yurt can help!

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The Only Thing We Can Agree On When It Comes To Healthy Eating #GFOclassic


It’s an interesting time in our history because there is only one single thing we can all agree on – that we should all be eating healthier. The problem is that no one can agree on the actual definition of healthy eating.

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Spring Cleaning Chores for Kids


In this part of the world, they say snow needs to touch the ground at least once in April before spring is here to stay. But all it takes is one warm-aired sunny day to feel like spring is really coming and make me want to start dealing with the dust, dirt and clutter that […]

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Isn’t It Time Our Girls See Themselves In A Super Bowl Commercial?


The statistics don’t lie – more girls and women are watching the Super Bowl than ever before and it’s time for them to see a real representation of what it means to be #LikeAGirl.

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Why I am Only Buying Duracell Batteries This Christmas

Duracell for Christmas

There are only two reasons why I’m buying Duracell batteries this Christmas but they are good ones!

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Easiest Homemade All Natural Sage and Orange Antibacterial Cleaning Spray


The easiest way to make an all-natural antibacterial spray infused with orange and sage.

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Five Things I Did Wrong At Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

Ripley's Aquarium

Don’t make the same mistakes I did when visiting Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.

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