Tips And Tricks For Easter Egg Hunting And Hiding For Little Kids


That picture of my youngest egg hunting outdoors was taken two years ago when we were still living in Alberta. I'd like to say that it was an unusual year because there was still snow on the ground but the reality is that everywhere in Canada it's usually rare for the weather to be nice enough to accommodate an outdoor egg hunt. This leaves most of us parents with a jumbo-sized bag of chocolate eggs wandering around the house wondering where the heck we're going to hide them all without … [Continue reading...]

What Tessa Virtue’s Mom Taught Me About Kids in Sports


Being a #PGMom has presented me with so many wonderful opportunities including interviewing Canadian Olympian Tessa Virtue’s mom Kate Virtue. It was such a timely and impactful conversation and one I don’t think will ever leave me. Just last weekend, when I sat in the audience at my daughter’s first dance competition of the year and the lights in the theatre went dark I had Kate’s voice in my head… “don’t be anxious… be an audience member and just be present in the moment… at this point the … [Continue reading...]

Our Personal Story Of Finding A New Family Doctor… TWICE!


I’m part of the 96% of Canadians who think it’s important that the health care system make use of digital health tools and capabilities… here’s why.

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Just Stop Living For One Tiny Moment…


I can’t stop the mayhem but I can stop living just for one small moment every single day.

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Join The #HockeyMomCA Twitter Party March 27 9pmEST and Celebrate The House That Mom Built

PG Hockey Mom Twitter Party Promo Banner

Join the #HockeyMomCA Twitter Party on March 27, 2014 at 9pmEST and Celebrate The House That Mom Built!

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My Do-Nothing March Break Bucket List


I know it’s a wee bit of an oxymoron to have a “Do-Nothing-Bucket-List” but let’s just go with it… for the sake of homemade cookies and popcorn for dinner.

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Easy Weeknight Ways To Serve Kraft Peanut Butter With Chocolate For Dessert


If you’re a peanut butter chocolate lover like me, you’ll love these easy weeknight ways to serve Kraft Peanut Butter with Chocolate for dessert.

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Valentine’s Day At Our House


Minecraft TNT Valentines, Disney Frozen Valentines and Love Note Gum Valentines – here’s how!

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A Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Your Kids Engaged At The Dinner Table


A little trick to help your kids lead the dinner-time conversation.

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My Not-So-Secret Smoothie Ingredient


If you’re like me and prefer to use something dairy-free for your smoothie’s liquid base then you might be interested in learning my not-so-secret smoothie ingredient.

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