Five Things I Did Wrong At Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

Ripley's Aquarium

My kids have been asking to visit Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto since it opened and when we finally had a free weekend to head downtown Toronto for a bit of family fun, the Aquarium was at the top of our must do list. Over the 3 hours we spent exploring Ripley’s Aquarium, I learned a few things the hard way. I thought I’d share them with all of you so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. I Assumed Ripley’s Was Something It Wasn’t I will admit, my only experience with a Ripley’s attraction … [Continue reading...]

Three Things I Will Tell My Daughters Before They Start Wearing Make Up


Foundation and powder? Check! Bright purple sparkly pigment eye shadow? Check! Lips lined and covered with deep red lipstick? Check! Fake Eyelashes? Check! No, I’m not planning for a big night out, this is just a very quick snapshot of the type of make-up my ten year old daughter has been wearing for years to step on stage for dance or cheer competitions. Make-up in our house is clearly not an uncommon thing. My girls have watched me put make-up on almost every single day for … [Continue reading...]

Something Fun To Do With Pictures of Your Dog (or Kids) Thanks To Kinder

Kinder Hero

The fun #KinderSmiles photo-strip Facebook App.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Participate In The #CleanWater Photo Challenge


Three reasons I’m participating in the #CleanWater Photo Challenge and why you should too!

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If You’re Building Sand Castles This Summer You Should Read This!


What toys live in your kids’ sand castles?

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Does Olay Regenerist Luminous Really Work?


Two completely non-scientific things that tell me Olay Regenerist Luminous is working.

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How To Make Disney Frozen Menu Cards and Snowball Holders


How to make Disney Frozen Menu Cards and Snowball Holders for your Disney Frozen themed party.

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How To Make Disney Frozen’s Olaf Treat Bags


Make these super easy Olaf Treat Bags for your Disney Frozen themed party,

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We Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day And Father’s Day Isn’t Looking So Good Either

Maija's Mommy Moments

We were too busy between fake eyelashes and trips to the emergency department to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day isn’t looking that promising either.

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Momma Why Is The World So Hard?


A conversation with my son about all the hard stuff in his world.

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