2011: The Setting-Up Year

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Last year I wrote a post called A Year in Review. where I listed month by month my favourite/most viewed posts and it was a good snapshot of where this blog – and I – had been throughout 2010. 

I thought I would do the same thing for 2011 but when I started going through my posts in January 2011 I came across this one: The Universe is Trying to Tell Me Something.

It’s funny to read that post now because a mere 9 months later I was packing up my entire life and moving 3,000kms to a city that in January 2011 I had never even visited.  Not once.

I think that post defines what 2011 has been for me and for our family.  It started with stress and struggles but always with the undercurrent of the feeling that something else was coming.  Something better.  All we had to do was be brave enough to take a risk.

I truly believe that 2011 was a year of setting us up for what comes next. 

I started to come into my own as a blogger and was featured on BlogHer, Yummy Mummy Club, From Marketing to Milk, and Urban Moms – twice.  I also wrote my first Red Writing Hood (now Write on Edge) prompt and a few more after that.

I even threw my hat in the ring to do more writing elsewhere – including a dream of mine – at TodaysParent.com.

I had the honour of working with some fabulous brands like Kraft Canada, Caramilk, WeledaIron Kids Gummy VitaminsAdult Essentials Gummies and CentrSource Canada.

I even got to visit the Kraft Canada kitchens which was oh so much fun!

Throughout the year, Bugaboo finally had his surgery and Sweet Pea went from Two Words to easily putting two words together.  Sometimes three.  For this, I will forever breathe a deep sigh of relief. 

And then there was my sister.  I am so very proud of her.  2011 was a year for her to come to grips with her past.  To stop defining her life by the memories of crazy she carries with her and start making her life her own.  In June 2011 she went to prom, in August she turned 18 and in September she headed off to University.  The life she has lived could have excused her from success but instead she didn’t let it define her and has taken the first step to something great.  We are just so very proud. 

I am proud of us too.  For buying One Way Tickets to Somewhere and realizing that although there is definite irony to this move and some missing of people that this is the right decision for us… for tons of reasons, including the trains and the laundry.

2011 started with some struggles and uncertainty but ended just the way it should – setting us up for some amazing happenings in 2012. 

Happy New Year everyone!  I wish you all you very own wonderful happenings in 2012.

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  1. And what a year it’s been!

    I’m so happy that we’ve connected and am so looking forward to more in 2012!

    Happy New Year!

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