Cleaning Up After The Holidays With Giveaway

After two days of baking, making Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, Christmas brunch, Christmas dinner for 30+ people AND three rounds of present opening, my house is a disaster — or it was until I let the kids loose on their new electronics and spent a few hours cleaning, tidying and disinfecting (because did I mention I also have two coughing kids and one with a random fever?).


Step One: Dish Towels. After all those dishes I didn’t have a single dish cloth left that was clean and some smelled downright nasty from Turkey droppings and beer spills (we definitely know how to throw a party!). Thankfully I had a brand new stock of the most amazing Gain laundry products. Thanks to the amazing lasting scent Gain is known for and the extra cleaning power of Oxi Boost, my dish towels (literally all of them) were ready for the next round of dishes.


Step Two: The Dish Washer Dishes. Most of the dishes I have in my house, including my good Wedgewood wedding china is dishwasher safe which means everything goes in after big parties and thanks to Cascade everything comes out clean!


Step Three: The Other Dishes. I typically clean the pots and pans as I go, but often after parties the fragile dishes like crystal glasses get left overnight. Thanks to Dawn the pots and pans and the leftover glassware all came clean with minimal scrubbing (ps: this was a full bottle of Dawn which I bought just a few days before the holidays – that’s how many dishes I’ve been washing!).

Step Four: Bathrooms. Especially the main floor powder room. We had a few little (and some not-so-little) boys who still forget to aim over for Christmas dinner… need I say more except for thank you Mr. Clean?

Swiffer-3Step Five: The Floors. I am loving my new Swiffer Bissel Steam Boost Steam Mop. I use this on my tile and my hardwood and it cleans both deep down thanks to the steam and the Swiffer steam activated pads. As a bonus, it leaves the floors smelling fresh and clean. I know some of you might be turned off by the cord since we are used to hands-free everything these days but the cord is long enough that I did my whole main floor (kitchen, eat-in area, living room, dining room, family room, powder room and foyer) and only moved the plug twice.

Also, check out all the yuck that came off JUST MY KITCHEN FLOOR (ewww):


Those five things were all I had time for before heading off to the next event but I think it’s pretty good progress. Next step is purging, organizing and of course more laundry but at least I have my new stock of Gain to help me with the latter and now you can too simply by entering the Giveaway for a Gain Prize Package Valued At $60 below:

Celebrating All Things Gain

Happy Cleaning Everyone!

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  1. Paper plates. 100% recyclable of course.

  2. When I have a household I live the sink 1/4 full of hot water with Mr.Clean for easy clean as I go and the surprise messes that occur with 2 boys!

  3. Fill not live! Autotext gets me everytime!

  4. I put everything into the dishwasher.

  5. kathy downey says:

    i wash everything by hand and use 100% recyclable plates /cups/spoons

  6. Leigh-Ann Murphy says:

    My cleaning tip is…if I cook it I don’t clean it =) we use the dishwasher religiously so it makes for pretty easy cleanup

  7. Brenda Penton says:

    I do one big clean a few weeks before the holidays and then just tidy up a little each day during the holidays, so I am always ready for guests. I hate the stress of cleaning at the last minute.

  8. Belinda McNabb says:

    Disposable plates and cutlery. It makes clean up a heck of a lot quicker.

  9. Belinda McNabb says:

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  10. I Clean a little everyday. The house is allways ready for company.

  11. I did not host a Christmas feast here, just a few dinners with out of town friends, home for the holidays. My 580 square foot wartime bungalow doesn’t allow for more than one or two extra people at a time, but even with only a few extra dishes I’ve also almost polished off an entire bottle I dishsoap too! Sounds like a fabulous holiday in your housec I’m sure it’s great beig able to be close with family to celebrate 🙂 Bonne Année to you and yours for 2014

  12. SweetPanda says:

    I tried to clean up as soon as possible and as much as possible whenever I have time!

  13. Tammy Dalley says:

    I clean a little each day,

  14. Karla Sceviour says:

    Don`t let things get out of hand,,clean it up as it starts to get messy

  15. Angela Mitchell says:

    I use several tablecloths over the holiday. When one gets dirty enough I take it off the table and throw it in the laundry pile and put on a new one. It saves time not to have to be contstantly washing the table.

  16. We just hosted a family gathering today and used disposable cups, plates and table cloths. It really helps with clean-up!

  17. Susan Christy says:

    I make sure my dishwasher is empty before people show up, and when dishes are used, it goes right into the dishwasher – no piling dishes up in the sink.

  18. start cleaning room by room a little bit each day

  19. I use the dishwasher all the time. Makes it much easier for cleaning up!

  20. I used paperplates this year, i had a huge houseful for a week, totally made life easier

  21. Paper plates and cups are a huge time saver for our family 🙂

  22. Julie Bolduc says:

    Clean one room at a time

  23. My tip is to tidy up everyday and it will make keeping the house clean easier

  24. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    Clean as you cook and keep a garbage bag close when unwrapping gifts!

  25. Mary Jenkins says:

    I don’t have tips to give. I still need all the help I can get figuring out how to make cleaning painless. When Christmas was over, I looked around my house and almost cried!

  26. Clean as you go, if say something needs to be done that will only take 5 minutes of your time then its best to do it as then you won’t have to let things pile up later on

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