Even Boys Get Bad Haircuts

Today I thought I was doing a great job of checking things off my To-Do List including getting Bugaboo a haircut.  That is until the guard-thingy fell off the buzz-cutter-thingy and the barber left my son with a chunk of baldness.

Needless to say we chose to cut his hair quite a bit shorter than I originally intended in an effort to minimize the baldness factor.  But despite our best efforts, as soon as he turns around I can’t help but laugh (he can’t see the bald patch so we haven’t told him yet).

I was surprisingly zen about the whole thing.  Good thing his hair grows quickly.

Bad Haircut

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  1. Oh bless him, my OH does his own hair, and the exact same thing happened to him, however his bald patch was on the front of his head it did make me laugh a lot xx

  2. Ah, it doesn’t look too bad 😉 My son has never had any luck when it comes to getting his haircut — he’s got some weird cowlicks & hair dressers never seem to know what to do with him.

    Hopefully Bugaboo’s hair grows quickly

  3. I bet he would be sad seeing that. It’s good to know that his hair grows so fast so he won’t have to cry over that bald patch.

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