Facebook Friday: The One Elusive Present

Usually my friends’ Facebook statuses give me more than enough blog-worthy content, but today it’s my status that warrants further discussion.  As of this morning my Facebook status reads:

“Facebook Friends – I need your help! I’m on the hunt for the elusive toy that is on Sugar Plum’s wish list from Santa but is out of stock at Toys R Us, Walmart and Zellers. If you see a FurReal Go Go My Walking Pup pllleeeeaaaassseeee buy for me! I will repay you with the money I owe, wine and my undying gratitude!”

This one status update launched over 150 of my personal friends from here to Austria on a search for that one elusive present.

I hate this part of Christmas.  To avoid it, we never just ask “what do you want from Santa” in our house.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me/Hubby: Bugaboo are you going to ask Santa for a present?

Bugaboo: YES!

Me/Hubby: Are you going to ask Santa for a Buzz Lightyear Bike?

Bugaboo: YES!

Me/Hubby: So when you sit on Santa’s lap and he asks you what do you want for Christmas what will you tell him?

Bugaboo: A Buzz Lightyear Bike.

Perfect, because the Buzz Lightyear Bike was bought at the October sales and is already stashed away ready for Christmas morning.

Call it what you like, but this “gentle persuasion” usually works.  When I say “usually” I mean except in the case of Sugar Plum.

She is not the kind of child that asks for a dozen things or changes her mind about the one thing she wants, but no matter how often I say to her “are you going to ask Santa for a Nintendo DSi” and without hesitation she answers “yes and maybe the Zhu Zhu Pet game too” I know for a FACT that when she sits on the big guy’s knee she’s going to throw something out of left field.  Something that is usually unavailable, sold-out and/or out-of-stock.

I know this because the last three years she has asked for something I’ve never even heard of before.  It’s as if the second she hears “ho ho ho… have you been a good girl… and what do you want from Santa” she has the uncanny ability to know what is completely and unequivocally unavailable in Canada or in the continental USA.

Go Go My Walking PuppyLast year it was “Baby Jasmine”.  The year before it was some type of Barbie and this year… it’s the “FurReal Go Go My Walking Pup”.

Even now, while I am typing this, I am calling every WalMart, grocery Superstore, Toys R Us and Zellers within a 50km driving distance.


Thankfully we’re still a few weeks away from Christmas and I am a diligent Mommy who will search high and low for this one elusive toy.

Not because I think my children should have everything on their list but because Sugar Plum – well how can I put this – is simply AMAZING.

I’ve blogged about her many times.  Maybe the best one is here.  Every word is true.  For seven years old she gives so completely that even I – at 31 years old – learn from her.  

She emulates empathy and love and endearment.  You only have to look at Sugar Plum to see kindness. 

For these reasons and many many more I truly believe she deserves the two things she asks for from Santa. 

Like the Buzz Lightyear bike the Nintendo DSi (pink) has long since been bought and hidden.  The Zhu Zhu pet game has been purchased by Sheila and is ready for Christmas morning (such a good Grandma!).  The Go Go Puppy – well let’s just say I’ll search high and low until I find one or until the stores close on Christmas Eve.

Once again, I guess I am “one of those moms” but if it means my kids’ faces light up on Christmas morning, so be it.

So what are you hunting for this Christmas?


My Facebook Status now reads:

“Stand down troops! My cousin Jenny saves the day again! Thank goodness for border towns, American Walmarts and PayPal accounts. Jenny ordered the “Go Go My Walking Pup” online for me. Only problem is I promised wine in exchange for the Puppy (along with the $50 it costs) and she definitely doesn’t drink anything from a box. THANK YOU JENNY!!! ♥ U!”

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU JENNY!!!  You’ve SAVED Christmas morning!


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  1. That item was a hot ticket one – i know a few people who were struggling to find one!

    So glad you were able to get one!!

  2. Am I Working or SAHM? Who cares? says:

    Since I enjoyed the first post I found, I was glancing through the others and found this one – glad you found the toy!! I was able to get my hands on one as well, for my also 7 year old who is very remarkably exactly like your little Sugar Plum … in fact your description of SP suits my eldest to a “T”! Just a genuinely kind, wonderful, gracious child, with a wisdom and kindness that astound me every time I take pause to notice. I don’t know where she came from, but I’m sure glad she found me!

    I also found myself chuckling because I do the exact same thing – prompt items for Santa’s list that are already in storage … and for the “extra” items add in “you know, Santa can’t bring everything on your list” (a comment she took to heart and added to her letter to Santa “I know you can’t bring everything because all kids need toys except the mean ones”)

    Anyway – glad you found the toy – and as a side note, so you (hopefully!!) don’t wind up in this pickle next year – I got the Go-Go pup well in advance of the holidays by chance, when I happened to see the Today Show’s “Hottest New Toys” episode. That also helped me pick up a Paper Jamz – which was quite fortuitous when little Miss added to her list “An Ecklecktric Guitar” and then decided that was “the” thing she was destined to get. LOL! (at first she was not on board with the Paper Jamz, which I casually showed her in WalMart one day, but became more enthused when I showed her a Youtube clip; which is good, because in our household anyway, Santa does have SOME limits and hadn’t planned on bringing me earplugs, not until she’s a teen at least! 😉

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