Heaven in an Hour

Heaven in an Hour

See that right there… in the picture above?  That is the beginning of something beautiful.  A venti non-fat vanilla latte (extra hot so I can savour it) and a piece of lemon poppy seed loaf (to make up for the fat I took out of my latte).  My computer is on and I’m at a Starbucks BY MYSELF! For an hour (maybe a little bit longer).

It’s heaven in an hour.  I don’t get enough of this.  In fact I don’t usually get any of this.

One whole hour where no one is looking for me, no one needs me and no one – work, kids, laundry, dishes, etc… – is going to come between me and my coffee.

Or me and my thoughts.

Or me and my lemon loaf.

I don’t even know the last time this happened but I think one of my New Year’s resolutions should be to actually do this.  At least once a month.  Okay – at least once more before 2013 rolls around.

I hope you can all end 2011 with a little bit of heaven – whatever that may be for you.  

I also, would also like to thank my Dad and Sheila for my Starbucks gift card. 

Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

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  1. My mom babysat my kids overnight this Christmas vacation so my husband and I could have our first solo, overnight date night out in nine years … I totally mean what you mean by heaven! I love my kids but was so nice to only adult conversation, no one crawling all over me or eating my food at meal time, no need to hide the knives and make sure drinks don’t spill … it was awesome and just what our marriage needed 🙂

  2. That’s EXACTLY what I order and what I do! lol 🙂

  3. oh that sounds delightful … i need to carve me out an hour at least. Hope you enjoyed every moment of it & it’s not too long before you can enjoy another.

  4. One of the many reasons I need to get my licence. Oh to have an hour to myself out of the house with my laptop and a caramel macchiato. Right now I hide in the basement for the alone quiet time but it is not the same.

  5. this is my heaven in an hour too, except mine is a non-fat flat white and a chocolate twist. As you say, you’ve got to put the fat back in the fun somewhere.


  6. Yes, this Exactly this. Down to the same exact order- I so hear you, sister!

    Here’s to many slices of heaven in 2012!

  7. I need to do this more!! I went out for a pedicure once on the fly and felt really guilty the whole time I was there. I need to get out more.

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