How I Feed My Family Dinner ALMOST Every Single Night


“How do you do it?”

It’s a simple question really, one I’ve asked of many many moms who have more years of experience than me but still I smile sheepishly when another mom asks me “How do you do it? How do you feed your family after being at work all day?”

It’s kind of a loaded question because as a mom who likes to keep it fairly real (especially among friends and you know – the entire internet!) most days I just feel like I’m treading water and not doing much of anything at all besides working and chauffeuring and hopefully keeping the kids and maybe even the dog alive.

Yet still, when people find out that I work all day, have three kids and happen to be a food blogger the question “How do you keep feeding these little people who insist on eating dinner every single night…” always comes up.

There are of course, lots of tips and tricks I have learned over my 10 years of work-outside-the-home-mommy status including being a sometimes food mom (sure we eat healthy food every single day but sometimes we eat convenience foods like Kraft Dinner and even hit a drive thru or two in a week) and not feeling guilty about it.

Also, I love my slow cooker. Like truly deeply madly love it. It took a while for the two of us to find our groove (keep in mind that was BP ie: Before Pinterest), though I realize now that you can cook honestly ANYTHING in the slow cooker.

But the real reason why I often answer the question “How do you do it?” with “Get yourself a slow cooker” is because with a wee bit of planning (and a whole lot of coffee!) this working mom can make breakfast, school lunches AND DINNER before she even walks out the door and heads to work. I know… I know… I mentioned the word PLANNING. But don’t stress! All you need is a couple of deliciously easy recipes and to remember to get the ingredients at the grocery store.

Delicious recipes are the easy part — just visit and of course my handy dandy Canned Soup Mom tab right at the top of this page — but you’re on your own for remembering to pick up all the ingredients since I can barely manage to do that myself.

In case you’re wondering just what exactly I am tossing into my slow cooker while answering urgent 7am emails, some of our family’s favourite slow cooker meals include curry, shredded beef sandwiches, chili and of course soups!

Now it’s your turn… how do you do it? How are you feeding your family dinner with the busy schedule I am certain you have? I would love to know some of your favourite slow cooker recipes so feel free to leave them in the comment section (and don’t be surprised if I pin them – that’s how I keep track of the ingredients I need when I’m standing in the grocery store aisle!).

From one busy mom to another Happy Slow Cooking (now pass the coffee!).

Disclosure:  I am honoured to be part of the Kraft’s #WhatsCooking ambassador program.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. Slowcookers are lifesavers 🙂 I guess the planning ahead idea is what saves you!

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