How To Make Disney Frozen Menu Cards and Snowball Holders


When we started planning my daughter’s very first “friend” birthday party to celebrate her fifth birthday she asked if we could come up with menu items for each of her favourite Disney Frozen movie characters (Frozen of course being the party theme) including Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and the Trolls.


We came up with lots of fun ideas for the perfect Frozen Birthday Party Menu including Snowflake Cupcakes, Olaf Cupcakes, Sven Cookies, Troll Balls, Snowballs and even Snowflake Pizzas!


Then we decided to create these super cute Menu Cards and Snowball Holders so that our party guests would know all the yummy party food options.


For the Menu Cards, I simply downloaded these free Disney Frozen printables, added text using PicMonkey then printed on card stock.

For the Snowball Holders…

What You Need:

  • White Foam Balls (I got a package of 8 for $1 at my local dollar store)
  • Glitter Paint (Got this at the dollar store too)
  • Paint Brush (“borrowed” one from my kids)
  • Sharp knife

What To Do:


  • Cut small piece off one part of each foam ball – this will not be the base and will allow your snowballs to stand without rolling.
  • Paint each one of your balls with glitter paint.
  • When dry, cut slit approx. ½ inch deep at top of each snowball.
  • Insert menu card.



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love the idea. Thanks . Which font did you use?

  2. Awesome idea!! Im curious…which font did you use for the cards> Not finsing the snowflakes!!!!!

    • Hi Christa – I actually just used one of the fonts in picmonkey then used one of their snowflake overlays. Feel free to email me at maijasmommymoments(@)gmail(.)com if you need help!

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