Just Looking At His Face Makes My Heart Hurt

Bugaboo's OwieLast week just before I picked Bugaboo up from school he tripped outside and skinned his face along a fence pole.  When I arrived seconds later he was dripping in blood, his nose was swollen (and bleeding) and he was crying (of course). We cleaned him up as best we could and got the bleeding to stop before we headed home.  By the time we got into the car Bugaboo’s tears had dried and he was happily chatting to me from the back seat about his day.  He amazes me some days like here and here.  If it had been Sugar Plum she would have cried about this for hours – days even.  But Bug, he just moves on to the next fun thing.  My heart, however, aches every time I see his poor little face.

Happy Somewhat-Wordless-Wednesday.

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  1. Oh, poor little guy. My little one just tumbled down the stairs, head first. She’s totally fine – but the carpet burn on her little face makes me want to kiss her even more than I normally do. Such little troupers. Hope he heals up quickly.

    • My little Bubaboo also went “Stair Surfing” on a baby gate that was intended to keep him from falling down the stairs but instead he decided to charge the gate one day and he surfed down a whole flight of stairs on his belly (on the baby gate!). I thought for sure I was going to have to call 911 – but he stood up at the bottom of the stairs and said something along the lines of “I Fine Mama”.

      No wonder more women die of heart disease – our hearts can’t keep up with our kids’ owies!

  2. That’s quite the battle wound! Kids can bounce back so quickly though, which is a great thing. Hope he’s all better soon

  3. ah poor babe! i swear they bounce back so quick from these things & it’s us moms who hurt more from it. hope he’s all healed up soon!

  4. :<(
    my littlest's face was like that 6 months ago. Unfortunately I tripped and overturned the buggy. face – concrete. oops. Poor little man.


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