Melt My Heart Morning

We missed Sugar Plum’s bus this morning.  Not surprising since it’s dark and cold and the last day before Christmas break.  No one felt like getting out of bed and we certainly did not feel like walking two blocks to the bus stop.  Instead, we watched it drive away from the front window while I finished my coffee and admired my real Christmas tree.

Missing the school bus also came with the added bonus of having some one on one time with my eldest daughter.  Driving her school I turned up the music – the top 40 kind one rarely admits to liking in a professional (or any) situation – and car danced in a way that Sugar Plum thinks is fantastic now, but in a couple of years it will make me the worst mom ever.

A song came on (which I can’t actually remember the name but can sing along almost in it’s entirety) and I belted out the refrain which included the words “you don’t know a thing about me…”

Sugar Plum laughed and said “I know LOTS about you”.

“Really?” I asked.  “Like what?”

I turned the music down because I could see the wheels spinning in her head. 

“Well” she said. “I know three important things about you.  Number one, your favourite colour is blue because all your children have blue eyes.  Number two, I know that you’re my mommy because… well you love me more than anyone and last thing is you love Daddy.”

Tears welled in my eyes.  I wanted to pull over and hug her close.  Instead, I choked back the tears, smiled at her and said “that’s exactly right” but inside, my heart is full knowing that if she lives her entire life knowing only these three things about me  – about how I love our family – I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I wish you all a melt your heart moment this holiday season!

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  1. awww melts any moms heart.

  2. Melting. Totally and completely melting.

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