My Do-Nothing March Break Bucket List


When my husband brought up the idea of going away for March Break and it actually exhausted me just thinking about planning one more thing, I knew March Break 2014 was going to be spent at home. While it’s not quite a staycation, since both hubby and I will be working, but since we are working from home I know we can make the best of the break without having to pack one single thing.

Our lives are so full of activity I can’t remember the last time we had a week without dance or hockey or appointments or homework so I plan on making the most out of my first ever Do-Nothing-March-Break with the following bucket list:

  1. Stay in our pyjamas for the whole day at least once (maybe twice).
  2. Make something special for breakfast (almost) every single day. Nothing complicated, just the things my kids love like pancakes, dippy eggs, French toast and chocolate chip muffins – all things we rarely have time for on school days.
  3. Read bedtime stories every single night. So often my kids get home late from activities or we choose tv over bedtime stories because it’s easier. But not this week – this week there are later bedtimes, no activities and more time for stories.
  4. Bake cookies. This needs no explanation.
  5. S.S. date with my girls. S.S. stands for spa and sushi, which means we’ll be getting our toes painted then head for a sushi lunch.
  6. Take my son tobogganing. We live down the street from one of the best hills in the city and I have YET to take my kids tobogganing.
  7. Go to a family movie and eat popcorn for dinner.
  8. Finally take the kids to the new laser tag centre – something they’ve been asking to do since it opened LAST FALL!
  9. Have friends over for a playdate.
  10. Sit down for a family dinner and eat, talk and listen without feeling rushed.

I know these sound like small things, but for me they are big and if I can check these things off my list it will have been one of the best March Breaks ever.

ps: I know it’s a wee bit of an oxymoron to have a “Do-Nothing-Bucket-List” but let’s just go with it… for the sake of homemade cookies and popcorn for dinner.

So what’s on your March Break Bucket List?

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  1. But it’s the small things they always remember. 🙂

  2. The beginning of our week was full of having to keep busy as the oldest was visiting and whines to be home sick if we don’t keep him busy and out of the house. The end of the week is full of appointments. Wednesday is our do nothing day and I am sooo looking forward to it.

  3. We made a list too. My daughter did, its go to a movie, go to Burger King, go to the library, play at the park. It’s about 15 things long and its been fun crossing things off our list.

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