Get Your Video Cameras Out Then Grab a Box of Kleenex

PampersI am absolutely loving how Pampers and Procter and Gamble are celebrating the upcoming Olympics with the release of two videos: O Canada, Baby! and The Best Job.

Neither of these videos need introductions except to say they are amazing and if you haven’t seen them you should.

Priscilla Lopes-Schliep & Baby NataliyaO Canada, Baby! is the Pamper’s created very first O Canada version performed entirely by babies.  Including the super-cute-baby of one of Canada’s favorite Olympians and a new mother, Priscilla Lopes-Schliep.

My little Sweet Pea may be appearing in an upcoming O Canada, Baby! cut and your baby can too simply by uploading your baby’s gurgles, giggles and perhaps even an attempt at the actual O Canada lyrics simply by uploading your footage here.

The Best Job is P&Gs fabulous ode to a mother’s role in getting our Olympians to the games.  All I can say is have Kleenex readily available.

So the two Take Home Messages of today’s post are:

  1. Click on the link(s) to watch O Canada, Baby! then dress your babies in white and red and get them “singing” our country’s anthem.
  2. Pat yourself on the back for every time you’ve frozen in a hockey arena at 6am, spent more money on your child’s dance make-up than on your own every day make-up or dabbed your eyes the first time (and every other time) your child scored a goal in whatever sport they play then grab a box of Kleenex and watch The Best Job.

Enjoy the videos and as Sweet Pea likes to say “Go Canada Go!”

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  1. Around the 11 sec mark of the first cut of O Canada Baby, in the top left corner, you may recognize little Miss Erin from BlogWest waving her arms up and down 😉

  2. There she is! I LOVE IT!

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