Panty by Post

I grew up with an appreciation for good old-fashioned post.  We would write letters to relatives and they would send letters back.  I even had one childhood attempt at a pen pal.  I don’t think a week went by where I didn’t get something in the mail.  Now, however, while I am always excited to see my email inbox full I am somewhat disappointed when I go to the mailbox and find it well stocked with bills and flyers.  Some days I even wish I would find it empty.

But today, while getting caught up on my blog reading I came across a giveaway for a product called Panty by Post (  I was immediately struck by the sheer genius of this business if only for the curiosity factor and I am torn between the fantastic gift-giving opportunity this provides and the absolute convenience of it all. 

Think about it… no packing three kids into a minivan, finding parking at the mall, unloading the two littlest kids into the double stroller and grasping Sugar Plum’s hand as we risk our lives while navigating the parking lot to get to the front door of the mall.  As you make your way passed the many stores and food kiosks that elicit the typical “Mommmmmy can I have…” and then mediate the “Mommmmy she stole my toy…” just to finally get to the lingerie store and realize you can only make it five feet inside because there is no way the double stroller is going to fit through the racks of things I will never be/feel slim enough to buy.

My current solution to this problem is to buy underwear in bulk at the mega-sized grocery store.  Pathetic I know.  But true and comfortable!  If I really looked through my underwear drawer the sexiest “panties” I have are leftover from university because let’s face it, shopping for underwear for Mommy never makes it to the top of the to-do list.

So although I haven’t taken the leap and ordered them for myself… yet… I am seriously tempted to hint at my husband.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be a hard sell.

If you would like to enter this giveaway visit:


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  1. I love your blog and of course I’m pretty psyched to have our company profiled.

    You mentioned the desire to hint to your hubby how much you’d like a Panty by Post subscription. I thought I’d mention we offer that much needed and appreciated service. We can send a hint hint email to your guy and it’s a win win! Happy to help (wink)!

  2. Natalie – he read the blog! Hint received and since I’m not the flower and candy type, I expect you’ll hear from him shortly.

    Otherwise I will definitely be in touch re: your hint service. If it comes with a link to your look and blush gallery I’m pretty sure we’ll be in business.

    Can’t wait for my mailbox to have something besides bills and flyers.

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