Pumpkin-Free Halloween

Happy HalloweenAs you all know it’s Halloween and I’ve done all the regular requirements of a Mommy at this time of year.  I bought the costumes months in advance (except for grabbing the very last pair of vampire fangs from the drugstore last night), got up early to spray paint Sugar Plum’s blond hair black and spent a good 20 minutes make-uping her into the perfect gothic vampire. 

Bugaboo and Sweet Pea are both in costumes comfortable enough for them to play in at pre-school and both have Halloween-themed t-shirts on for when inevitably the costumes get too cumbersome or too dirty to continue to play in.

I’ve done it all except for one thing… the jack-o-lantern.  Not only did we not carve pumpkins this year, I didn’t even buy one.

Mommy Fail?  Mean Mommy?  Halloween Hater?

None of the above really – just plain old Practical Mommy.

Before you judge hear me out…

Both Hubbie and I want to take the children out trick-or-treating.  In fact with three kids and one toddler bound to be done with the whole process after three houses  it will take two of us anyway.  One to push the stroller and one to hold the flasks… err I mean coffee mugs.

That means there’s no one at our house to hand out candy.  Which means putting out a jack-o-lantern is just cruel because children may waste precious trick-or-treating time by assuming someone’s home at our house when really we are not.

While I may be doing the neighbourhood kids a favour, my own children (Sugar Plum especially) are not 100% sure about the Mommy-led pumpkin-free Halloween.

I’m hoping I can bribe them into forgetting about my seemingly Halloween faux-pas with take-out for dinner and trick-or-treating instead.

The alternative is that I’ve scarred my children for life and they’ll be blogging about how their Mommy wrecked Halloween 2011 twenty years from now.

Stay tuned…

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  1. We do the same thing every year, our four kids are young an my husband and I both take them out, there is no one home. Our street does not get a lot of trick or treaters anyway. One year we had a pumpkin carving contest at our annual adults/kids Halloween party. It was fun, but a little messy. The pumpkin seeds were delicious though. There will come a time when all the kids are too old to go with us as it won’t be cool right? When that time comes I think we’ll get back into carving pumpkins. Have a great night tonight!!

  2. Don’t feel bad, we have pumpkins and will not be able to cave them this year due to about a foot and half of snow from the weekend snow storm. The town I live in has even pushed trick or treating to Friday November 4th due to so many down power lines and fallen trees.

  3. Hey Maija,
    I’m jumping in here (I’ve been newly introduced to your blog by my sis, Jill) Just wanted to say, we had 4 pumpkins this year – waayyyy to much carving pressure! Way too much work for two little girls who tapped out after two were cut open! Although I won’t miss the pumpkin patch experience, I am willing to a few more years for the quadruple carve to happen again!!
    ; ) Afterall, its the costumes and candy that really count the most, right? Smart and practical Mama takes this one in my opinion!

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