She Was On a Boat with a Bar and I Haven’t Heard from her Since

SmoothieI got this email at 3:34pm  almost exactly 24 hours after I drove away from the residence I had spent hours moving her into including one trip up 16 flights of stairs carrying a lamp (don’t ask!).

I’m all moved in. I stayed up til 2 organizing it. I’ll send pictures later. I got my student card laundry card and meal plan after waiting an hour in line. I was going to get my bus pass too but it was a mob and not a line so now I’m thinking of going to a frosh carnival, then going to the gym and then possibly a frosh boat tour. How was the ride home?

I only cried once (that I’m admitting to).  It was the night before we left to make the six hour drive to her university and I balled my eyes out.  Hubbie hugged me and answered the questions the children asked about why Mommy was crying and I just stood there sobbing. 

I’m happy for my sister. Proud even.  I am amazed at all the things she has accomplished and know she is ready for this wonderful experience.  It wasn’t that long ago (okay 10+ years) that I packed-up all my worldly goods and left home (and her at 5 years old) for my university of choice.

But despite all of these things and knowing this is the best university and the best program for my sister I am going to miss her.  I already miss her.  Madly. 

It’s only been 24 hours. 

Of course, just before bed I check her Facebook status and she’s posted that she’s on some boat tour of her new University town and the boat has a bar. 

I’m thinking that I miss her more than she misses me. 

And you know what… that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be. 

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  1. Your sister is so lucky to have you and huge congrats to her for going off to university. I imagine it’s a huge change for you! Such an exciting and scary but amazing change 🙂

  2. Ahhh! Such a sweet post! Again, I completely understand and sympathize with those tears. She is a lucky girl to have you in her life!!

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