Sleeping Boys


My “boys” are downstairs sleeping.  It’s been a busy day of running errands and playing with trucks so when I had to run to the mall with Sugar Plum and Sweet Pea was sleeping, Hubbie volunteered to stay home with Bugaboo and watch baseball. 

When Sugar Plum and I got home, the house was quiet.  We looked on the couch in the family room and in the bedroom upstairs but the boys were nowhere to be found.  We then creeped downstairs only to find Daddy with his arms wrapped around Bugaboo both fast asleep. 

We tip-toed back upstairs and of course I had to grab my camera.  This is a moment I hope to remember forever… my “boys” fast asleep on a carefree summer afternoon.  The unwatched baseball game still playing on the television and my little Bugaboo safe, warm and sleeping in his Daddy’s arms.

Daddy is doing exactly what he wants to do with his summer holidays – spending quiet moments with his kids.

It reminds me of when all three of them were brand new babies and sleep was at a premium, especially as a breastfeeding mother.  Hubbie would often take the baby after I had nursed them and “walk them to sleep” in that back and forth motion parents perfect in the early weeks of parenting a newborn.  Without fail, when I woke up I would find my husband and whichever of our three babies fast asleep cuddled on the couch.  My husband on his side with the tiniest little bundle of baby wrapped protectively in his arms.

Today, when I found my “boys” on the couch, it reminded me of when Bugaboo was small enough to be cradled in my arms.  The memories of him as a baby flooded back. 

The baby moments go by so quickly, sometimes it’s hard to remember and then something little, a moment, a smell or a sound reminds me of swaddling, nursing and cuddling my newborns. 

It makes me want another little baby to cuddle… almost.

Happy Wednesday afternoon everyone.  I hope you too have a quiet moment with your family today..

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  1. Awww… So adorable!

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