The Registry

Write on Edge“Did you see their registry?”

With the wedding only a few weeks away, it was an appropriate question for her to ask but I’ve known her almost my entire life and know exactly where she is headed with this.  I offer nothing but an uh huh and let her go.

“What do you think?” she asks, knowing I am on to her.

“Well,” I pause to tread lightly because I know we are speaking about the for better or for worse of the third part of our elementary school threesome,  “I guess I’m surprised”.

“Is it the dishes or the television?” she asks.

“You mean the $300 per place setting dishes for the couple who doesn’t cook?” I reply, perhaps too quickly because I hear a sigh on the other end. 

Some people appreciate my sarcasm, Anna has always been frustrated by it. 

I hear her take a sip of something.  She’s probably drinking that concoction tea again to calm her and give her perspective or whatever health kick she’s on now. 

“No seriously, I have to wonder what they were thinking when they were handed the registry gun.  Did they just start scanning everything in the store? I mean they don’t even cook.” 

Anna puts down her mug and says “It just seems so poorly thought out.  Did you ask her about the televisions?”

“I thought the two identical $2,000 televisions were a mistake”, I offer, “so of course I asked her.”

“What did she say?”

“She told me they needed one for downstairs and one for upstairs so they could each watch what they wanted on television at night…” I pause, knowing what Anna was going to say at the next part, “then she said something about them each needing their own space after work”.

“They aren’t even married yet”! Anna yells as if angry with me. 

I glance over to the pan on the stove to see my tomato sauce bubbling as if it was just as angry as Anna.

I stir the sauce in an effort to calm it while almost whispering in agreement “I know”. 

I also know that we’re both thinking about every single red flag we’ve ever had about the relationship. 

“I wonder if we’ll get our deposit back on the bridesmaid dresses?” I say, because I know we’re both thinking it.

This is my most recent submission to Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club).  this week’s assignment was in the spirit of relationships that we all knew wouldn’t work.  We were asked to write about a relationship we knew was doomed from the start.  This prompt was intended to be a memoir which means no fiction allowed.  Word limit is 400 words.

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  1. Oof, I’ve been there. Luckily, it all worked out and they’re still a very happy couple. I’m not all that crazy about him still, but he adores her and is a great father to their children. Eep.

  2. Oh, I’ve so been there. It’s so hard to watch someone you care about do something that you think might not be right. But sometimes I guess you just have to let things happen.

  3. Hahaha. Of course, matching $2000 televisions. Makes perfect sense. That is just too much. Tell me they adjusted their unreal expectations and made it past the first anniversary. Great way to capture the absurdity of the conversation and the subtleties.

  4. Sooo did this wedding happen/not happen yet? LOL Great post…so much so that you left me really wanting to know what ended up happening!


  5. You really did do a good job on this prompt. The whole scenario makes me shudder!

  6. I totally have friends like these. Where we cringe when they talk about marriage or god forbid having kids. Scary!

  7. Wow – that does sound like a doomed to fail relationship… Who PLANS to watch tv in separate rooms? Dear oh dear….

    I like the bubbling tomato sauce being angry …. great to have some visuals… :0)

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