Together We Can Make a Difference for Hungry Families


Kraft AssistsIn 2011 851,000 people across Canada are helped by a food bank in an average month (not per year PER MONTH).

Of those 851,000 monthly users, 322,000 are children.

These are your neighbours, your friends, your children’s friends and in some cases your own family.

When the representatives from Kraft Canada asked if I would be interested in helping to spread the word about their inaugural Food for Families campaign I immediately said YES because I believe no one in Canada should go hungry and neither does Kraft. 

Kraft joined with Food Banks Canada to select 30 food banks across the country and from now to January 31, 2012 Kraft will donate $1 for every person who signs their name online at up to $50,000.

It’s easy.  It’s free.  It’s making a difference with almost 41,000 online signatures collected as of this morning.

The wonderful thing about Kraft Canada’s support is that the money donated can be used for the greatest need at each one of the food banks.  Whether it’s for transportation to bring the food to the areas where it’s needed the most, storage space (including freezers) so that food donations do not need to be turned away because there is no where to keep them or even to purchase food items rarely donated but desperately needed by the community they serve. 

Once you sign your name online you can choose to support a food bank in your area.  The food bank with the most names in their support at the end of the campaign will be given an extra $10,000. 

As a participating blogger I have the absolute pleasure of being partnered with five food banks from across Canada.  Throughout the next few months I will be bringing you stories of hunger and of hope from each one of these food banks and will urge you to help them help our fellow Canadians.  I am honoured to be championing:

Door of Hope Food Bank, Meadow Lake, SK (currently at 87 names/$87)
Kindersley & District Food Bank, SK (currently at 80 names/$80)
Swan Valley Food Bank, MB (currently at 124 names/$124)
Niqinik Nuatsivik, Nunavut Food Bank (currently at 2,007 names/$2,007)
St. Albert Food Bank Society, AB (currently at 280 names/$280)

Clearly they need your help to get their support (and dollar numbers) up.  So please join me in the fight against hunger.  Click here and sign your name online because there are over 851,000 Canadians this month alone that are hungry and need your help.


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  1. such a good cause – looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!

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