What My Kids Are Taking To School For Valentines Day


Just like you we spent last night happily putting together the finishing details of class valentines for all three kids and here’s a sneak peak.

Sugar Plum and I made this fudge in circular pans.


Then cut them out with heart shaped cookie cutters.


Leaving the fudge in the cookie cutters we then wrapped them in cello bags and attached a heart shaped recipe card (ps: you will note Sugar Plum cut the hearts out all by herself).

Best part – I came up with this one myself. No Pinterest required.

Bugaboo’s valentines however were completely copied from Pinterest and only required some cutting, pasting and translating into French.

French Valentines

Sweet Pea went with the loot bag version of Valentines and for her twelve preschool friends we made loot boxes with bubbles, note pads, stamps, balloons, a little bit of age appropriate candy then rings and necklaces for the girls and Hot Wheels cars for the boys.


All in all I think a Mommy Win for me!

ps: If you’re spending Valentines Day at home like we are, I’ve posted a few dinner ideas over at YummyMummyClub.ca for the “Top Five Recipes That Tell My Man I Love Him“.

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  1. Totally cute Valentine’s ! I don’t have the patience for crafts so I just bought them and had the kids wrote their names on it. Next year I think I’ll dive into the homemade things.

  2. Devan – it’s funny because so many people I know are on Pinterest but when I went through 3 kids worth of Valentines from friends I was the only one who did anything Pinterest-y so I definitely think you’re in the majority. But by all means… come over to the dark side 😉

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