We Didn’t Celebrate Mother’s Day And Father’s Day Isn’t Looking So Good Either

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My Mother’s Day this year started at 5am with me waking my eldest daughter up so that I could straighten her hair and apply a whole bunch of make-up on her including false eyelashes (tip – drink LOTS of coffee before attempting first thing in the morning or risk gluing your child’s eyes shut).

Then it ended around 2am the following day when a very kind doctor finally discharged my youngest daughter from the children’s emerg (that’s another story).

The entire rest of the day I was at a dance competition cheering for my eldest and her team, touching up make-up and mastering quick costume and hair changes.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that my husband left for a 1-week business trip and the only time I saw my son is when I was putting him to bed then promptly waking him up from a deep sleep and driving him to my in-laws so I could take his youngest sister to the hospital.

We were certainly not full of Mother’s Day celebrations over here though I did spend the entire day being a mom.

Unfortunately for my husband, Father’s Day isn’t looking so good either (though I am hoping to avoid another trip to the emergency department).

It’s Dance Recital weekend. My youngest danced in her first recital ever Friday night and was as cute as can be expected and my eldest dances in all 5 shows this weekend – that’s right I said 5 shows in one weekend!

Needless to say we’re shipping the youngest two to the cottage with their grandparents.

This leaves me at the theatre with our eldest and my husband home alone pretty much the whole weekend. Which sounds like a dream come true except he has a mental to-do list a mile long. It’s a mental list only because he doesn’t actually want me to write it down because that would be almost the same thing as nagging.

Me alone for a weekend to get stuff done around the house = dream come true.

Husband alone for a weekend to get stuff done around the house = mildly okay if he can figure out a way to sneak in a nap.

Either way there is going to be absolutely no fanfare and that’s okay. I will call my father and my father-in-law to wish them happy Father’s Day and I will think of my Grandfather often today. They know they are loved even if I haven’t prepared them a full dinner party menu.

As for my husband, our kids will shower him in kisses and words of love (even the little two from the cottage) and he will spend the day making progress in the house he works for and works on (constantly) because he loves them and wants to give them a home. Though we might need to find a way to head out for family ice cream to celebrate Father’s Day at some point next week just so the kids feel like they did something.

No matter how you celebrate (or don’t for that matter) I hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of little moments that bring a smile to the special Dads in your lives.

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!


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  1. Why oh why do Dance Schools plan recital weekends on Father’s Day weekend? It just doesn’t make any sense to me! What an adventure you had on Mother’s Day! yikes!

    • Unfortunately, in our studio’s case it’s really the only time they can do it without going too far into June. And yes, Mother’s day was quite an adventure 🙂

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