What Do You Do in a Hotel by Yourself?

This afternoon after almost nine hours and two trains with my boss and three other members of my team I ended up in a swanky big-city hotel.

No kids.

No husband.

No one but me.

When I walked into my room I actually wasn’t that sure of what to do with myself.

I hung my clothes up so they wouldn’t wrinkle, got ready for the welcome reception of the conference I’m attending and then did something very exciting…

… I cleaned my make-up brushes.Make Up Brushes

Clearly I’m out of practice on the whole fun thing.  I can’t even remember the last time I went away on my own.

I mean what the heck do people do in hotel rooms by themselves?

Wait… don’t answer that! 

What I do know is that I am going to enjoy a night to myself in a super comfortable bed, without having to get up for one of the children and maybe, just maybe, be able to drink a cup of coffee in the morning before it goes cold while reading the newspaper.

An actual newspaper! Did you know they deliver them in the morning with the room?  I vaguely remember something that resembled a newspaper outside my last hotel room – though my children had trampled on it in a mass exodus in search of breakfast.

Like I sad… I think I’m out of practice.  Maybe I’ll get the hang of it by tomorrow night.

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  1. READ! That is what I do when I travel (which is rarely) alone. I catch up on my reading – watch TV shows that I want to watch (that do not include NickJr or the Disney channel) – paint my fingernails/toenails and just ENJOY the PEACE and QUIET because I know it won’t last long!
    Have a great trip!

  2. Oh, I love being in a hotel all alone. I enjoy the bed, drink a cup of coffee, read, watch shows and just relax. If it is a really nice hotel I will indulge in a bubble bath!

  3. You cleaned your brushes? Dance around in your jammies, room service, read, watch TV, lay around. That’s what you do! I travel almost every other week for work. While the alone-time gets to be too much after a while, having solitude is definitely something to be relished. Enjoy it.

  4. Oh, I love being in a hotel room by myself, even though it is VERY rare. I read, look at whatever I want to on TV and enjoy that no one is asking me for food or where their toys are. No kids shows except for iCarly. I love that show. 🙂

  5. Order room service! Supper in bed as well as breakfast. I paint my nails, and usually, sleep like a baby after watching an hour of TV. I take my time getting dressed the next morning since I have so much extra time. I savor the fact that I don’t have to make my breakfast, or my bed or “find something” for someone else or SHARE THE BATHROOM!

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