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My sister (the one we raised) is in her third year of University in a city 6+ hours away from home. While she always made the trip to Alberta for the two Christmases we were there, this Christmas feels special because it’s our first one back in our hometown since having lived away.

My sister and I exchange daily texts counting down the days until her exams are over and she can board a train bound for home.

Home to her means no more school work, not having to do her own laundry or grocery shopping (or paying for it!) and as many snuggles from her nieces and nephew that she could desire (and a few more after that).

Her being home for us means that our not-so-typical family is whole once again.

In one of our daily text exchanges I asked my sister what she wanted to eat while she was home and she replied: soft ginger bread cookies, cake mix cookies, peanut butter pie, homemade pizza, guacamole and baked pasta.

Those are her favourites and her requests make me smile because it’s not just cookies or pies or pizza and pasta — they are what home tastes like to her.

Just like my Grandmother’s Shortbread and my Dad’s Two Potato Soup are what home taste like to me.

In my life baking = love and at Christmastime there is lots of love and baking in my home and delivered to my friends and family.

I imagine many of your homes are also filled with the smells and comfort that only baking can bring.

My friends at PhillyCanda.com who have allowed me the privilege of being a Philly Ambassador this past year have invited me to share the baking love this holiday season by giving away three (3) Kraft gift baskets valued at $50 each. They include a variety of Kraft products, coupons and merchandise that I promise will come in handy this holiday season – trust me, I know from experience.

Some of my favourite Kraft Christmas baking recipes include these Oreo Biscotti, White Chocolate Covered Oreo Snowmen, Candy Cane Chocolate Truffle Cookies and Melting Snowmen Truffles.

Now I want to know what are your favourite holiday recipes – the ones that taste like home to you? Enter for your chance to win one of three Kraft gift baskets (open to Canadian residents only):

Holiday Baking – Kraft Gift Basket Giveaway

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  1. Sarah Brazeau says:

    Baking is one of my favorite parts of Christmas! Can’t wait to try some new recipes!

  2. Tourtiere and Mexican wedding cakes.

  3. Roast turkey is my favorite. It doesn’t seem like the holidays without it. Everything else I change around.

  4. I used to bake shortbread with my grandma and my best friend every year I miss that.

  5. Baileys and milk on ice. My mother and I almost always enjoy one together before going to bed on Christmas Eve.

  6. My mom always made chicken stew on Christmas day – yum!

  7. I like chocolate chip cookies and truffles

  8. My Mom’s stuffing is the best. Really it is. And then we’ll have Death by Chocolate for dessert. Yum!

  9. Jenny Hill says:

    A must have for me at Christmas is Carmel Popcorn. My Mom made it every year when I was a kid and now I make it for my family (and friends).

  10. I must make whipped shortbread this year! For me, the go to holiday recipe is magic cookie bars. They’re not even a “real” cookie but I lurve them!

  11. I love mincemeat tarts especially my mum’s also her maids of honour tarts..

  12. Hmm everything? i must eat all the things ;0) except shortbread bleh

  13. Jennifer P. says:

    My grandmother’s shortbread recipe, my mother’s mashed potato recipe, and my sister’s turnip puff recipe.

  14. Hi Maija,
    If you ask my family, they will tell you that my carrot casserole ( for people who hate carrots ) is what they think of when they think of the holidays. Chris will tell you that it’s my decadent and totally unhealthy mashed potatoes with sour cream and cream cheese which I love but only make twice a year.

  15. I have lots of holiday recipes but the one that taste like home are peanut butter cookies, Mom didn’t bake much, she still doesn’t but she made peanut butter cookies sometimes and when I bake them I always think of my mother in the kitchen making them for us

  16. my favorite holiday recipes are shortbread and peanut butter balls

  17. I love the smell of Christmas baking!! My grandmother’s Whipped Shortbreads are my very favourite!!

  18. I’m a sucker for Christmas carols

  19. Big white Christmas cookies with sprinkles on the top. My Grandma used to make them but only at Christmas.

  20. Cherry balls – we had a fun game that we played as our one long standing tradition. Alas after ten years I have to concede it did not catch on with my husband and kids 🙁 Shortbread, gingerbread house. And, Christmas morning brunch of waffles with peppermint whipped topping and bacon 🙂

  21. Kim Parfitt says:

    I love my Mom’s buttertarts. She has been making them for as long as I can remember, and they are the greatest things ever!

  22. I love the smell and taste of Cinnamon rolls

  23. A favourite holiday recipe is shortbread!

  24. Tooth Fairy says:

    I like my wee cherry cheesccakes in xmassy paper muffin cup liners. They are sweet and decorative and really do use philly creamcheese!

  25. Belinda McNabb says:

    No holiday is complete with out making mincemeat tarts. I can remember my grandma making them when I was just a little girl and as an adult I now make them each and every year and they remind me of her

  26. My grandmas shortbread recipe!

  27. Definitely whipped shortbread at Christmas time. My mom’s lasagna otherwise. 🙂

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