Worldess Wednesday: When a Hot Breakfast Warms Your Heart

Dad's BreakfastMy Dad came this weekend.  It was a business trip he had scheduled months ago – before we even knew we were moving here.  It was like a bonus for us because we’ve only been gone for two months and my Dad was already here to visit us.

It was a short visit.  He flew in early Saturday afternoon and left Sunday evening after dinner.  But it was exactly what I – we – needed.

Especially when he made us breakfast on Sunday morning.  If you haven’t had my Dad’s breakfast you’re definitely missing out.  And since I’ve missed out on my Dad’s weekend breakfast for the last two months it felt like home and love in every single bite.

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  1. oh this made me all weepy today (not that it would take much though) so glad you were able to get a taste of home. xxo

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