What is Manifesting?

In the movie ‘The Witches of Eastwick’, three women cast a spell and bring to life their perfect partner. The only problem is that they have to share him and although irresistible, he turns out to be far from perfect. Can this happen in reality? Theories on manifesting such as the law of attraction suggest that our dreams or wishes can be brought into reality.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a philosopher (1803-1882) stated that once we make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen. This is part of transcendental philosophy which has inspired the writing of many believers of manifestation.

The belief that as spiritual beings our imagination, our thoughts, our attitudes and beliefs about our world, can bring into reality (spiritually manifest) a perfect partner is welcomed by many of us that yearn for that elusive soul mate.

What is your Perfect Partner?

Some of us may need to take two steps back and truly understand our own needs before we even consider manifesting the perfect partner. It is really important to ask yourself the right questions such as why you need a perfect partner and how this might impact on your life if they were to suddenly appear. In other words, be careful what you wish for – it might just come true.

Before you manifest a perfect partner, you must first decide who it is you wish to manifest. This can be done simply by making a list of the traits that you think your perfect partner should have.

Asking the Universe to deliver is not as simple as it seems. Being clear about what you want, or need is the first step to communicating your wish to the Universe. You can be as specific as you wish and even describe how you would like your perfect partner to look. Writing it down and making a wish about your perfect partner is one way in which you can ask the Universe to manifest him/her.

Imagine where you are likely to meet and what kind of things your perfect partner would enjoy doing. The more detailed the request to the Universe, the clearer your message.

You can also use a technique called visualisation where you close your eyes and use all your senses to imagine your perfect partner. Prayer is also another technique of manifestation; your faith and trust in the Universe can be just what it takes to make that miracle of a perfect partner become a reality.

Looking for the Signs

Once you have sent out wishes to the Universe either through prayer, thought and visualisation it is a good idea to keep a look out for him or her. I know this is an obvious point but sometimes the Universe will send us messages about our requests and we become oblivious to this. Your perfect partner might not look as you imagined or might not speak as you thought, so keep a close eye on anyone who appears in your life after you have told the Universe about your wishes.

Your perfect partner may appear in the form of an animal or the Universe might tell you it’s not the right time by sending you signs such as feathers or messages through your loved ones. It is a good idea to keep a diary once you have sent out your message to the Universe. This can help you to look out for the signs daily. Don’t forget you can always alter your original wish if things don’t go as well as you might have imagined.

Making a wish on a shooting star or to the Moon at night can also be a powerful way to manifest your perfect partner into reality. If you make wishes at the time of the new moon or the full moon your reality might come true in timing to this. New Age believers consider these times to be potent for wishes turning into reality.

According to the law of attraction or manifestation, always be thankful when your perfect partner appears. It will bring you more luck.

About the Author :- Neelam is an experienced writer on the topics of love, relationships and self-empowerment. She is a highly experienced Psychic Medium specialising in love & relationships readings, future love and healing after a difficult break-up. Neelam lives in Hertfordshire, England with her children.

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