It doesn’t happen very often, but if you have decided to invite your boss and their partner to your home for dinner, this is a chance to project the right image. Getting to know your boss better by inviting him or her into your home will elevate your relationship to a higher level, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that the evening is a resounding success.

  • Creating the Right Impression – One thing is for sure, how the dinner goes will have some influence on how your boss feels about you in general, so make sure that dinnerware sets are suitable and maybe invest in some new wine glasses. There are online suppliers of fine dinnerware and home accessories and a Google search is all it takes to locate such a website, where you can get everything you need regarding dinner and kitchenware.

  • Planning the Menu – If at all possible, find out what your boss enjoys eating and prepare something along those lines, and avoid complex menus, as the chances of a far from perfect outcome are significantly if you are trying to prepare something complicated. Keeping the menu simple will allow you more time for other aspects of the dinner, and if there is one particular dish that you are good at cooking, go with that.

  • A Test of Preparation Skills – When you invite your boos into your home for dinner, he might view this as an opportunity to see how well you can plan such an event, so you do need to be on the ball. Prepare what you can ahead of time, which will minimise the time you are in the kitchen when you could be chatting with your guest.

  • Gaining Some Essential Background Information – If you can find out what your boss prefers to drink, then you can make sure you have that covered, which is something that other employees might be able to help with. If you don’t know your boss very well outside of the business environment, talk to people and get what background information you can.

  • A Tidy Home – Any room that your boss is likely to see should be spotlessly clean and tidy, and some bosses actually notice things like this to give them an insight into a person’s character, so make sure things are put away and the home is presentable. He won’t say anything, of course, but he or she will be looking around, that you can guarantee.

  • Conversation Topics – Aside from work related topics, you should generally avoid religion and politics, in case you have opposing views, and asking about their family is always a good way to start the conversation. It is important to give the impression that you are genuinely interested when engaging in conversation with your boss, for obvious reasons.

If you are a little worried about how the dinner party will go, relax and with the above advice, the dinner should be enjoyable for everyone and you will create the right impression with your employer.




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