If you are considering a thorough home renovation, there might be unexplored options; if you own the land, why not demolish the existing building and design your dream home? There are custom builders with knockdown & rebuild experience and talking to such a builder will give you an idea of what can be achieved with your budget.

Start from scratch

Imagine you have an empty plot of land; you can consider how much living space you want and which part of the plot is best suited. Sun and shade should be taken into consideration; the custom builder has a team of architects to turn your concept into blueprints and the house is designed around you.

Crunch the numbers

There’s quite a lot involved with demolishing a structure; removing the material, clearing the ground in preparation for the new build. Talk to a custom builder and once a home design is chosen, they can quote you an all-inclusive price and you will be pleasantly surprised. Land prices are on the rise and your new home will be worth considerably more than the old house; talk to one of the new home builders in Canberra and they will be happy to quote for the project.

Design & planning

The custom builder has a team of architects who work with the client to create their ideal living space and when the final plans are drawn up, they are submitted to the state government for planning permission. Once you get the green light, the work can begin with the demolishing of the old building, removing everything and with cleared ground, the footings are the first thing to be done.

One stop solution

Choosing an award-winning custom builder offers a comprehensive service; they deal with various contractors and plan the project from start to finish. A project manager is assigned and this is the only person you have to deal with, plus he or she will keep you informed and they always work to budget and project timeline.

Recycled Materials

It will please you to learn that 90% of your old home will be recycled and with your energy efficient new home, you are doing your bit for the planet. Best take a few photos before the work begins, so you can recall the house with affection, besides, the next generations will want to know what was there before.

Knocking down your existing home and starting a new build is the best solution when you are faced with serious renovations on an old property.

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