Planning a photoshoot? Keep on reading and we will share with you some valuable insights on how you can dress for the shoot. From the head to the toe, make sure to pay attention to every detail for the pictures to come out perfectly.

When you are done with these photos, do not just keep them for your eyes only! Instead, it will be wise to have them printed, such as on canvas and use it as a décor for your room or house. Check out canvas prints from Shutterfly to have an idea on how these photos will turn out.

Match your Body Type

It is important to choose clothes that will be perfect for your body, making sure that you will look good in the photos that will come out. If you want your body to appear slender in the photo, you should opt for clothes with dark colors. To show off your curves, look for clothes with a tight fit to highlight your sexiness. Wear clothes with ruffles on the sleeves if you want to hide your arms.


The least that you would want is to appear boring in your photos. Do not be afraid to go bold with the accessories. You can wear oversized earrings and big necklaces if they are required in the photo concept. A good headdress will also be good to draw attention to the top instead to the lower part of the body.


This will be true if you are shooting as a couple or as a group. You should wear colors that are well-coordinated, which means that they will perfectly complement each other. However, do not wear matching clothes. They will be an eyesore in the photos. Have a color palette to easily determine what to wear.

Think of a Theme

When dressing for a photo shoot, a good starting point would be the theme, which will set out the tone of the wardrobe, including the color and the design. Also, think of things such as the background and the props that will be used to find a color that will make you stand out.

Be Comfortable

At the end of the day, the most important is perhaps for you to be comfortable with the clothes that you are wearing. Consider the weather and the location of the shoot as well and see to it that the clothes will not cause you any form of discomfort. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, this will be easily evident on your face and the photos will look unpleasant.

Take note of the things that have been mentioned above for a fun shoot. For sure, the pictures will come out as if they are to be used for a fashion magazine! You will look like a celebrity! You can also use these tips if you want to give your friend the gift of experience in the form of a photoshoot. Otherwise, you might want to consider giving her personalized gifts from Shutterfly, such as canvas prints, mugs, shirts, and pillowcases. You can even incorporate your photos or her photos into these gift ideas.

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