There are more than enough special ‘celebration’ days in the year when it is supposed to be acceptable to give your husband or the man in your life gifts. However, what about when you just want to give them some nice to say I love you, or just for the sake of giving them something nice?

There really are no rules when it comes to giving gifts, so if you are wanting to treat your husband or that special guy in your life to something nice on a random Thursday or just any old Tuesday, we’ve got a great selection of thinking of you gifts to inspire you.

A Special Notebook Outlining All the Reasons Why You Love Him 

Okay, so this is incredibly cheesy, but who said you can’t be incredibly cheesy when you want to be romantic? Decorate a blank notebook and entitle it something like ’52 Reasons Why I Really Love You’. Then, fill out all 52 pages with reasons why you love the man. Simple and effective and guess what? As there are 52 weeks in a year, he’ll have fun looking at a new page each week and will be reminded why you have stuck with him.


This is ideal for the practical and gadget loving guy in your life. As a nice upgrade from the Swiss army knife, you can now get multi-tools – portable and handheld gizmos that include just about every tool a man could ever want, need or find a reason to use. All in miniature, pocket-friendly form. Make him feel like the man of all trades he is. You could even use it to subtly hint at getting on with those little jobs that need doing around the house.

Hide Love Notes in His Lunch or Work Bag

While you prepare his lunch, or while he is not looking, slip some notes declaring your affection for him in different ways into his lunch box or work bag. You could opt for hiding one a day or try something a bit more daring and hide numerous notes in different compartments of his bag or even the pockets of his uniform or suit.

Home Baking

Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. So, if you really want to give him something that shows you are thinking of him, why not bake him some special cakes or muffins. You could give him one a day to bring into work with him or have his favorite cake waiting for him when he comes home.

Thinking of You Gift Basket

Why not go for the home run and gift him something he can enjoy for a few weeks? A gift basket is the perfect way to remind the man in your life that he is special to you. Gift towers are a particularly spectacular way of getting that reminder across and have the bonus of ensuring that your home is filled with enough special goodies that he will always be high on a sugar rush.

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