Wrought iron is an alloy of iron that has low carbon content and is used for a variety of installations around the home most notably fencing and gates. Because of its ductility, malleability, and toughness, which make it possible to forge it into a variety of shapes and patterns, wrought iron gives a classic look to your fencing. This is just one of the many reasons why wrought iron gates have become quite popular.  Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using wrought iron for your gate and fence installations

It is durable

It is impossible to compare the durability of wrought iron to other materials that are be used for making gates such as wood. Wrought iron is composed of mainly iron with just a little bit of carbon. This makes it quite strong yet malleable enough to be made into gates. Due to its toughness, wrought iron gates can potentially last for so many years to come and the only thing you will have to do to maintain its attractive look is to have it painted after about 10 to 15 years.

While rust is almost inevitable after years of use, unlike other types of metals, wrought iron will still maintain its integrity for many years even after rusting. Additionally, wrought iron is easily welded so if any part of your wrought iron gate becomes damaged, you can easily call in a professional and have it fixed in no time at all.

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One of the major reasons why people install a fence or gate in the first place is for security purposes. This means any material your gate is made of must indeed be secure to keep intruders out. This is one of the most important reasons why you should consider using wrought iron for fencing. It is strong, sturdy and quite reliable which makes it suitable for keeping unwanted visitors away from your property.


Wrought iron gates feature what is known as open design. There is sufficient space in between the bars of the gates that are wide enough for you to see through and small enough to disallow intruders from entering through. Asides the fact that this open design on its own is a lot more attractive than a giant bland gate, the bars can also be twisted and forged into impressive patterns that makes complements the beauty of your fence.

It can serve as support for Landscaping

While this advantage isn’t particularly for everyone, if you are one of those who like the idea of seeing climbing plants and hedges growing over your fence and gates, then using a wrought iron fence is recommended for you. Landscapers prefer wrought iron gates and fencing as a support for these climbing plants which is not only decorative but can also help to shield your property from prying eyes from outside as well.

Customizable and attractive

Another popular quality of wrought iron is malleability. The alloy is quite elastic and it can be twisted and forged into a wide variety of shapes, designs, and patterns. With wrought iron, you can decide the exact look you want for your gate and it will be made into that unique pattern. Wrought iron gates are indeed works of art and in the hands of an expert craftsman; you will be impressed by how attractive the gate will look at the end of the day.  If you want to make a good first impression and you want your guests to be impressed, then consider using an impeccably designed wrought iron gate.


Your gate is possibly like a bit of installation in your home, but it is among the most important since it is usually the first thing to be seen. Like every part of your home, deciding on which type of material will be used in making your gate requires some planning. Wrought iron gate is a combination of many good qualities and will definitely look good on your property. Although installing one isn’t exactly cheap, a wrought iron gate won’t cost you a hand and feet and it is definitely worth the price at the end of the day since you most likely be using it for many years to come.

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