Naturally, you want to find a care home that will meet the needs of your loved one but also be somewhere they will feel happy to live for the rest of their life. Choosing an excellent care home takes careful research and thoughtful planning and so for tips on what to look out for consider the five points below.

Your Loved One’s Needs

There are a variety of care homes that provide different services to the elderly. For instance, some care homes specialize in taking care of people who have dementia and have formulated an environment to support their cognitive functioning. Residential care homes, on the other hand, provide a safe and secure environment for the elderly to live close to one another to prevent loneliness. While also helping to support the individual’s choices and desire for independence/assistance when needed. To create an accurate picture of what care your relative will need, consult their GP, their social worker, and of course, ask your relative their thoughts on the matter.

A Great Location

Deciding on where your loved one will live is an opportunity to either keep them near to those who they have connections with, or it’s an opportunity to move them closer to family/friends if they live far away. A support network is vital for helping your family member fit into their new home with ease. Giving them confidence and reassurance that the people who love and care about them are not too far away should they need someone to speak to.

Also, bear in mind that some care home providers own a few care homes in different locations, for example

Which means that if you like a particular care homes values and approach to taking care of their residents, you can search for other care homes that operate under the same company name across the country. Once you’ve decided what location is suitable, you can begin creating a shortlist of care homes within your chosen area to research.

Online Reviews

With the advantage of Google at your fingertips, you can gauge different perspectives of a care homes reputation from the reviews available online. However, be mindful that not all reviews shall be completely accurate.

Furthermore, the Care Quality Commission based in England inspects all care homes to ensure they meet government standards, and can also help pinpoint if any areas trigger a cause for concern.

Visit A Few Care Homes

Your visit is a chance to get a feel for the place your relative shall be moving into. So take this opportunity to speak to the staff and residents. And feel free to ask the care home manager about the qualifications and training the staff receive, and of course, be mindful of how well the home is maintained.

Care Home Contract

Before you decide on a care home, ask if you can see the contract. It should stipulate the terms and conditions such as, whether your loved one is entitled to a trial period and whether your relatives’ valuables are covered by the care homes insurance. This will allow you to gauge the rules and conditions that govern the home.

While choosing a home, always take into consideration the needs, social circle, and opinions of your loved one, to assist in selecting the right care home.

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