Working an 8-5 job is not enough for some people. If you are your family’s breadwinner and you have outstanding bills to pay, you have no choice but to look for ways to augment your income. You can also improve your skillset by taking a Beauty Course Essex offers and other short courses and find a side job that pays better rates. The majority of people, especially the working class, would agree that relying on a single income is not sufficient to live a comfortable life. Here are several job ideas that can help improve your current financial situation.

Why is it ideal to look for a side job even if you have a full-time job?

  • It can help increase your income by as much as fifty per cent. The more skills you have, the better chances of landing a stable and better-paying side job.
  • Having a side job is a productive outlet to relieve stress in your life. If you are going through a rough patch in your life, having a side job can be an effective form of distraction. Instead of resorting to vices like drinking, gambling and smoking, having a side job can make you more productive.
  • It can help you pay your existing debts. Having one or two side jobs is beneficial in paying off any outstanding credit card and car loans.

Here are some examples of popular side jobs that you can try doing in your spare time or after office hours:

Online English teacher

If you love talking to people and can communicate well in English, you can consider working as an online teacher. Look for online companies that allow you to work on a flexible schedule a few hours a day. You will need a laptop, a noise cancellation headset, stable internet and a quiet environment.

Dog walker

If you are a bona fide dog lover, you can try walking dogs for one to three hours a day. You will need to have more than enough knowledge on how to read and correct different dog behaviours. You can take classes and get certified before applying for the job.


You do not need to have a specific education to qualify as a barista. There are small or start-up coffee shops that are willing to provide free training on how to make and brew a perfect cup of coffee. However, it would be a great advantage if you can take specialized courses at your local college on how to be a capable barista.

Blog writer

If you have the talent and passion for writing quality content, why not try your luck as a blog writer. Nowadays there are many sites where you can write guests blogs about almost any topic under the sun. You can easily accomplish a couple of articles each day, and in return, you get paid a decent rate.

Lastly, having a side job allows you to grow and learn something new. Find a side job that is inclined to your hobbies and skills.


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